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A resolution and a response

Homework – Hosea 14 v 8-9

1. Ephraim makes a resolution in v 8. What is it?

2. In v2 of the chapter what are they encouraged to come to the Lord with?

3. What sort of words do we need to come with? See Hebrews 13 v 15. Can you think of any other place where someone came with these sort words to the Lord?

4. See 2 Chronicles 7 v 14 and Job 33 v 27 – What must we do so that he will hear us and what will he do for us?

5. In v8 the Lord sees that the day is coming when they will come with words of repentance due in to their resolution? What sort of resolution did they make?

6. What things have we resolved before the Lord to do so far this year? Have we kept our resolutions?

7. Can you think of a parable where a man resolved to do something and then carried it out?

8. The Lord responds to them in four ways. What are they?

a. See Psalm 102 v 1 - What does the psalmist ask God to do?

b. See Proverbs 15 v 3 – What is the Lord doing?

c. See Song of Solomon 2 v 3 – What benefits do we gain from God being like green fir tree to us?

d. What are the fruits does he bring forth in us? Galatians 5 v 22 and Ephesians 5 v 9

9. What must we be in light of all we have read v9?

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