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A self isolating leper

Revision - Matthew 8 v 2 – 3 A self isolating leper

1. What was the people’s response to the Lord’s teaching? Chpt 7 v 28 - 29

2. Why was the man to go to the Priest’s?

3. What are two reasons why the leprous man was self isolating?

4. Look up Luke 4 v 12 - 14. How bad was his leprosy?

5. Give three examples of how is sin like leprosy?

6. How does sin affect us?

7. What three things did the man do when he stopped self isolating? Which of these things have you done?

8. Give two reasons why Jesus does not self isolate?

9. What does Jesus give the man? Have you asked Jesus to give you this?

10. What will you lose if you don’t come to Jesus while you still can?

11. If we are followers of Jesus what should we be doing with our time?

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