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By whom shall Jacob arise? for he is small

Further Study – Amos 7

1. What were the two judgements that came from the hand of God?

2. Which of these are we seeing in our land today?

3. What are God’s judgements a sign off?

4. How do we know the judgements of God come in degrees?

5. What was the mercy that came before the locust judgement?

6. Give some Old Testament examples of others who prayed to God and he repented of his wrath.

7. From this passage what are the four sorts of prayer that God listens to?

8. In the chapter they are being warned of impending judgement, however we are past that stage we have the judgement of God already on us. Who in the Old Testament recognised judgement as having come from ‘the finger of God’?

9. Two verses in the passage speak of God’s mercy which two verses?

10. In what way can we see that God has been merciful to us in our current situation?

11. What have we been doing with the extra time that God has given us that other nations did not have?

12. In Amos’ day the sanctuary was eventually laid bare because they failed to repent. What are we seeing in our day?

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