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Are you good enough for heaven?







"It's good enough" Is that not a constant refrain in our lives?  We hear or say those words often. "Oh, the garden looks good enough. I shall wait another couple of days before I cut the grass."  or perhaps "Oh, the house isn't that messy. It's good enough. "

What about when our life here on earth comes to an end. Are you are going home to heaven? Are you sure you are good enough?

We may be people who  are happy to settle for "good enough" but does God.  Is God going to accept us if we are only "good enough?"

Jesus says, "Be perfect . . . as your heavenly Father is perfect" Matthew 5:48.

So you must get an answer to the question.   " Are you good enough to go to heaven?"  Don't risk leaving it to chance and don't delay incase you leave it too late.  Find out right now if you are good enough for heaven 



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